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Gothenburg Shipwreck, Old Reef via Ayr, QLD Profile
Queensland : Old Reef via Ayr : Gothenburg Shipwreck

Gothenburg Shipwreck, ,Old Reef via Ayr

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Glen Innes Celtic Heritage

Draped in a quilt of green meadows and lush forests, the rolling hills stretch to the horizon where they join with the clear blue sky to create a contrast of colours as interesting as the history of this lush region.

Fascinating Fremantle - Fremantle in a Nutshell

In the grand old days of cruise liners, the western port city of Fremantle was a gateway to Australia. Many immigrants caught their first glimpse of their new home here.

Hideaway in the Huon Valley

The deep south of Tasmania is a land evocative of fairy tales. The fruit growing in the lush valleys and plains is plumper than anywhere in Australia, and the snow capped crags and alpine moorlands lying on the horizon complete the storybook setting. Its all real though, lying there waiting to be explored by intrepid campervan adventurers such as yourself.

Strahan - Raw Beauty on the Tassy West Coast

The World Heritage area that covers some 20 per cent of Tasmania is at it's most wild and beautiful on the island's West Coast. Here the thundering waves of the Southern Ocean and the uninhabited rocky shores meet each other head on, as unpredictable as the rapidly changing weather of the region. As it is largely uninhabited, a journey down the West Coast is like a trip through an age-old landscape, through ancient rainforest and past steep sided gorges.

Historical Port Arthur

Welcome to Port Arthur, a city where history seems to seep out of the walls and rise out of the floors of the ancient buildings. Initially a penal settlement, Port Arthur was largely built by the prison labour force. The convict heritage is ever present in this city, from the beautifully preserved buildings built by the prisoners to the masses of graves of the captive men and women. It is this rich heritage together with the beauty of the region that has made Port Arthur Tasmania's premier touri

Beautiful Busselton

When thinking of Western Australia images of hot desert landscapes sweltering under a ferocious sun come to mind. But 200 kilometres south of Perth is the the Busselton/Margaret River region, where inland forests, elaborate coastline and fertile farmlands belie this desert stereotype. The town of Busselton lies on the shores of Geographe Bay, whose thirty kilometres of sweeping white beaches are celebrated in travel books the world over.

Port Douglas - History of a Fishing Village

There is always time for a little reflection be it from the sun or sea or our interesting history..

Australian Great Barrier Reef a Natural Wonder

The largest coral reef system in the world extends for 2,600 kilometers through the balmy waters of the Coral Sea, just off the north east coast of Australia. This magnificent wonder of the modern world has been fashioned by, and comprises of, billions upon billions of living coral polyps, which are actually microscopic organisms.

National Parks of the Western Downs

The Western Downs of Queensland, Australia, are renowned for their wide open spaces and their friendly country folk who welcome all tourists with open arms. The peaceful lifestyle here instantly rubs off on visitors, who kick back, relax and breathe in the fresh country air as if they had lived here their whole lives. The expansive country of the Western downs means a hire car is essential if one is to explore them to their full potential.

Ballarat's Colourful Culture

The rolling green hills and valleys of the Central Highlands form the backdrop for the thriving inland city of Ballarat in Victoria. The unique architecture hints at the established culture of creativity and arts in Ballarat, and further exploration of the city's galleries and exhibition centres will reveal the true depth of this culture. Combined with the distinct four seasons of the local climate this gives Ballarat a very European feel that visitors find unique to Australia and thus very refr

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