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Morongo Girls College, Bell Post Hill, VIC Profile
Victoria : Bell Post Hill : Morongo Girls College

Morongo Girls College, Ballarat Rd,Bell Post Hill

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Glen Innes Celtic Heritage

Draped in a quilt of green meadows and lush forests, the rolling hills stretch to the horizon where they join with the clear blue sky to create a contrast of colours as interesting as the history of this lush region.

Ballarat's Colourful Culture

The rolling green hills and valleys of the Central Highlands form the backdrop for the thriving inland city of Ballarat in Victoria. The unique architecture hints at the established culture of creativity and arts in Ballarat, and further exploration of the city's galleries and exhibition centres will reveal the true depth of this culture. Combined with the distinct four seasons of the local climate this gives Ballarat a very European feel that visitors find unique to Australia and thus very refr


Fraser Island